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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.  Review a selection of Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic patient testimonials below and please Call us or Click here to email us if you have any questions.

Yours in Health
Dr. David Gilbertson

I could no longer walk without limping…

My initial reason for coming to Mill Creek Chiropractic was for treatment of severe low back pain radiating into my right leg. I had felt this excruciating pain for at least six weeks. It got to the point where I could no longer walk without limping and I was beginning to lose sleep at night.
…

Because I feared drug addiction, I hesitated to seek advice from my M.D., knowing what his “remedy” would be. Finally, through a friend’s recommendation, I sought help from Dr. Gilbertson. I had never been to a Chiropractor before, and I really had no doubts about Chiropractic so I was really ready to try this type of treatment. On my first visit to Mill Creek Chiropractic, I found the staff very friendly which made it a lot more pleasant for me. Dr. Gilbertson was very thorough in his examination and explanation of chiropractic treatment. I found his information very helpful. He recommended that I consider corrective care opposed to relief care to take care of my problem and not just the symptoms.

My results from Chiropractic have been fabulous! The time involved is really inconsequential compared to the results achieved.

I would highly recommend Chiropractic to anyone suffering or in pain. Try it before drugs or surgery!

I have told everyone who was willing to listen to my story about Chiropractic and it’s benefits. It is definitely a viable alternative to plain old medicine and has certainly helped me to get back to good health!

-Lori P

Even after surgery I continued to have problems and the pain was quite severe…

When I first sought care from Dr. Gilbertson it was for problems with headaches, pain in the right arm, swelling of the right arm and neck pain. The problem had been ongoing for approximately three years and I had previously had cervical surgery in which they fused C5 and C6 vertebra. Even after surgery I continued to have problems and the pain was quite severe.
…

Previously I’d had the neck surgery, that I mentioned, and I had also received physical therapy and was taking medications. It was at the insistence of my sister that I finally started to receive chiropractic care. At first I was scared as I had no knowledge of chiropractic, but Dr. Gilbertson recommended a series of treatments for which I started to receive care. At this time all symptoms are gone after three months of treatment. I have also referred my husband to Dr. Gilbertson for treatment of headaches and a burning sensation in his shoulders and he too has received help and noted much improvement.

-Jody S

My headaches lasted for days at a time…

For the last 12 years I have been suffering from neck pain, dizziness and headaches, which lasted a couple of days at a time. I went to several doctors who prescribed drugs to no avail. In desperation I also went for acupuncture. I was partially relieved but not enough. I met Dr. Gilbertson through my son, John, who was having problems with his back. I was very impressed with him and decided to give him a try to see if he could help me. After about 15 treatments my neck felt better and my headaches and dizziness were disappearing.
…

I also became more energetic and enjoyed life with more enthusiasm. I also recommended my wife who was suffering for the last 10 years with a back problem and who could hardly walk into the office. Now both my wife and son are feeling better and able to take long walks without any pain. Last week I went skiing which I had not done in 50 years. Even though I fell a couple of times, I got up without any difficulty and without any pain. I also take long walks and enjoy life to the fullest.

-Gino C.

The medical doctors recommended surgery, I tried chiropractic first…

When I first sought chiropractic care, the symptoms I had were of severe rectal bleeding, lower back pain, very uncomfortable cramping and bloating. It had been approximately six years since I first experienced the bleeding from my colon, which was always accompanied with low back pains. On a scale from one to ten with ten being the worst, I would have to say that I was a ten plus as far as severity of pain. I had had endless trips to doctors for the lower back pain which included severe ulcerative colitis for which it had been recommended that I have surgery.
…

I first sought chiropractic care on the recommendation of a friend of mine who is a pharmacist. I had never been to a chiropractor before and had some doubts, but I felt that I had to try it, for nothing would have been worse than having surgery. I had received a coupon in the mail from Dr. Gilbertson and decided to make the appointment. The receptionist was very friendly and I looked forward to my appointment that same afternoon that I telephoned. Following evaluation of my exam and x-ray’s Dr. Gilbertson gave me two alternatives. One was relief care and the other was corrective care. I chose corrective care and was put on an intense schedule of treatment. Dr. Gilbertson was very thorough. My results have been wonderful! My back pain is much less than ever before. My colitis is much improved and I go days now where I have absolutely no bleeding at all.

To others who are having problems, I would definitely recommend chiropractic care FIRST. Surgery is something that should be done as a last resort as far as I am concerned.

I have told all of my co-workers about chiropractic and I have also told my sister who lives in Spokane. She is now seeking chiropractic care for treatment of injuries received in a car accident.

I am so thankful that I didn’t have to go through with the other physician’s advice and have surgery. Chiropractic care has lifted a lot of stress from my life!

-Sheri S

I had doubts that chiropractic could help me…

When I first entered the Mill Creek Chiropractic clinic I had complaints of lower back pain and stiffness in the legs. It was very difficult to get up and down from a sitting position and I’d had the problem for years. When I originally came to the office Dr. Gilbertson did an examination of my spine and also took x-rays. Following an explanation of my condition I received my first adjustment. That night the pain increased significantly as Dr. Gilbertson told me that it might because of my condition, on a temporary basis. At first I was upset and decided not to follow-up on care, but then a week later I called and talked to Dr. Gilbertson and I decided to go ahead and follow his advice in this situation to see what would happen.
…

I had doubts that chiropractic could help me at this stage of my condition, however after coming back in and working with the doctor for a few visits my condition has improved. The doctor recommended that I start receiving treatment on a three time a week basis. At first I was sore, but at this time I am getting better. One month after my initial visit with Dr. Gilbertson this is what I was able to do that day. I was up at 4:30 am and went for breakfast. I went to the beach and shopped on the way home. I cleaned my mobile home top to bottom, washed windows and hall garbage. I went back to the beach. I came home and cleaned the car port. I went to see a friend off on vacation and then I went to Lake City. I came home had dinner and watched television until 1:00 am. These are the things I could not do prior to receiving care. Now you can see the difference Dr. Gilbertson that you have made in me.

Thank you,

-Jack C

I was worried that my career was in jeopardy…

When I first came to MILL CREEK CHIRORPACTIC I had been diagnosed as having calcification, bursitis and arthritis in the right hip joint. I was having diffuse right hip pain radiating to below my knee and into my buttocks and low back. I had decreased mobility and I had pain while walking, sitting and standing. Some times my right leg would “catch” while I was walking. I’m a Registered Nurse on an Intensive Care Unit and I was worried that my career was in jeopardy.
…

I had had the problem for about three years. The first year I would have occasional flare-ups lasting a day or two. During the last year the symptoms were a daily occurrence. There were days that my hip and leg hurt so bad that I could only lay in bed taking drugs for the pain. At night it was difficult to sleep because of the pain and some days I would spend all day trying just to find a comfortable position.

I had seen an Orthopedist and he had done direct joint injections as well as physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. With all of this treatment I got Zero results, the doctor told me that I was just going to have to “live with the pain”. I was taking quite a bit of medication and the side effects from those were causing problems with blood clotting and I was a “walking bruise”. I also had gotten peptic ulcer disease from all of the medication and I feared that I was going to get addicted to Tylenol III(with codeine). I tried Chiropractic as a “Last Ditch Effort”, I figured that all I had to lose was the pain.

I had had some experience with Chiropractic before and the doctor had been very rough and he had hurt me. I was very scared and I said I would never go to another Chiropractor again. I had doubts that Chiropractic could help me, after all an orthopedic specialist couldn’t do anything.

When I first saw Dr. Gilbertson he intuitively sensed my fear. He was patient, gentle and EXTREMELY professional. He realized my need to have things explained so that I could make an informed decision regarding my care. Dr. Gilbertson recommended that I start out with daily adjustments and gradually reduce to a maintenance schedule.

I’ve been under care for about two months now. After the first week the pain was beginning to decrease ever so gradually after every adjustment. After three weeks I was PAIN FREE! I could work long hours on my feet. I didn’t feel pain. I could walk. My whole attitude changed, I was enjoying my work and my life again. I’m normal now and I don’t have to take any drugs.

I would recommend to others who are sick, suffering or in pain to SEE A CHIROPRACTOR! Give them a chance. Just because a person has M.D. after their name doesn’t mean they are the only ones who can help (they couldn’t help me).

I have told everyone I work with, AND the Orthopedist who couldn’t help me, about Chiropractic. The Orthopedist noticed me at the hospital one day ( I wasn’t limping or having trouble walking) and he ASSUMED he had “cured me”. Was he SURPRISED!

I feel that Chiropractic is a sound medical discipline, a profession worthy of notice. Thank you Dr. Gilbertson, for being there when I needed help so desperately.

-Linda K, R.N.

Chronic lower back pain…

When I first came to MILL CREEK CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC, I was experiencing chronic lower back pain and I had lost feeling in my left leg. My problem varied from constant pain of some degree to severe pain at other times. I had suffered with this problem for 23 years.
…

I was getting treatment from medical doctors. The treatment that I was given by the medical doctors was traction, braces, electronic pain scrambler, and finally pain killers. The results of all this was negative. I refused to use drugs most of the time for I feared addiction and therefore the pain was always there.

I finally turned to chiropractic because my daughter suggested that I should try it. I was doubtful that chiropractic could help me though.

My first impression of the office was that it was well run. The doctor was knowledgeable and he was very concerned for my well being. After talking with Dr. Gilbertson he suggested treatment and exercises.

The treatment has taken 9 months, but I have regained most of the feeling in my leg, and the pain is gone! I am able to do things that I haven’t been able to do in years without pain!

My whole family is now under chiropractic care. They are presently being treated for misalignments of the spinal column. They do not wake up with backaches or headaches anymore. And they seem to be getting a better nights rest.

I would recommend others to go to the chiropractor first, and a medical doctor second. I have recommended chiropractic care to everyone I know.

I wish I would have tried chiropractic 20 years ago! I do think that the medical doctors did me a DIS-SERVICE by not recommending chiropractic care.

-Guy O.

I had been living with the pain in my neck, left upper shoulder blade, and pain in and down my left arm since 1984…

When I first came to MILL CREEK CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC I was experiencing pain from a pinched nerve. I had pain in my neck, left upper shoulder blade, and pain in and down my left arm. It was extremely painful and I would stay up at night because of it. I have had this problem since April of 1984.
…

I went to 3 doctors and was checked for heart problems. The last thing I was told was that I needed an operation in my neck to remove a spur. I was prescribed Darvocet N-100’s which I was to take 2 tablets every 4 hours, night and day, plus I took aspirins, which did not help much.

I decided to turn to chiropractic because I was afraid of surgery and my wife and son suggested chiropractic. I did feel doubtful that chiropractic would help me.

I was impressed with chiropractic care and the doctor. After talking to Dr. Gilbertson, I started getting adjusted 3 times a week to start.

Within 1 months time I was able to give up the medication. I have been under chiropractic care for a long time, but it has been worth it.

Seeing the results chiropractic has done for me, I am feeling good and happy that I went. I have told everyone I know, and strangers. I would recommend to those people who are sick, suffering, or in pain, to see a chiropractor.

-Lloyd J.

I hurt from head to toe…

When I came to Mill Creek Chiropractic I had been experiencing severe low back pain, upper back pain and hip pain, and “ I just hurt from head to toe”. The pain was so bad I cried myself to sleep every night.
…

I went to doctors and was given pills to relax. The sad part was that my pain did not go away and I became addicted to the medication. I was so depressed that I didn’t want to live.

I had my doubts that chiropractic would help as I had gone to one other without help. But, I was so desperate for help that I could stand it no longer and I sought help from Dr. Gilbertson.

At first I had my doubts that Dr. Gilbertson could help, but within a week I started feeling better. Within two weeks I was on my way. I didn’t have to cry myself to sleep anymore. I feel pretty good but I have been on pain pills for so long, it is hard not to depend on them.

I would recommend chiropractic to anyone who suffers pain. Try it instead of depending on pain pills. Anyone who asks me how I’m  feeling, I tell about chiropractic.

-Hilda C.

I was having left arm pain and numbness in my left thumb and index finger…

When I came to Mill Creek Chiropractic I was having left arm pain and numbness in my left thumb and index finger. I had also had a history of periodic low back pain. I had been hospitalized twelve years ago by a Neurosurgeon who wanted to perform surgery on my cervical vertebra to relieve the nerve pressure in my arm.  Without going into detail, I left that hospital without that surgery. Something just didn’t seem right about that surgery.
…

It was through the advice of a colleague that I sought help through Chiropractic. At first I was hesitant as I had been to a chiropractor once before with no noticeable benefit. Well, much to my amazement the problem was cleared up within two or three months. This was ten years ago and took place in Spokane, Washington.

The old problem reared itself again in March this year at which time I sought care with Dr. Gilbertson. When I came to Mill Creek Chiropractic the office seemed very positive. Dr. Gilbertson put me on a program of regular chiropractic adjustments, collateral with a proper diet, exercise and rest. At first there was no noticeable change in the arm pain and numbness, but as I proceeded with my treatment I began to notice changes and within the time that Dr. Gilbertson had originally said would be required the symptoms totally went away.

I would recommend to others who are sick and suffering, or in pain to try Dr Gilbertson for at least 3 months. I have referred at least a half dozen people for chiropractic care and am confident that you too can enjoy the benefits’ of chiropractic.

-Clifford J.

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